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Dhaani foods

10" Chaurang DY

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Our Paper Mache Ganesh Idols are 

* Made out of recycled paper and Natural tree rubber (gundh)

* They look just as beautiful as a clay or mud idol 

* They are 10 times stronger than clay and mud idols, even stronger than plaster of paris idols, almost unbreakable

* They are very light weight and easy to transport abroad 

* A 2 feet clay Idol normally weighs over 20 kgs, whereas our two feet paper mache Idol weighs just about 2.25 kgs

* They are easy to courier all over India and internationally

* Our idols can be immersed safely at home

* Our Murti's will completely dissolve in water in over night and will not harm our marine life or pollute our oceans

* In Mumbai & Pune we offer home delivery

* All the plastic decorations can be recycled ♻  by us, please make the effort to wefast them to us after the visarjan and we will ensure they are recycled making it a truly eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi


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