About Us


The journey of health & happiness started 12 years back when the founder of Dhaani-Foods, Anupama Padhi, was looking for healthier, organic and natural alternatives for her family's needs. Though the reason was personal, she found how others are in need too!

She extended help to her near dear ones by educating and providing alternative foods whenever possible. Gradually the people around started asking for more options and thus, Dhaani-Foods was born.

Since then Dhaani-Foods is a well-renowned online Organic and Natural food store, located in Kandivali East, Mumbai. Here you can find the finest selection of natural, healthy, and highest quality foods including Organic, Natural & Seasonal Foods, ready-to-eat home-cooked foods, unprocessed dairy, and sustainable Eco-Friendly Products.

Dhaani-Foods is an online e-store where you can buy quality Organic and natural food items at reasonable prices in India for your healthy life. Health is wealth; we all know this, but only a few know the key to health. That is Organic and Natural food: Nature’s gift to mankind.

Organic and Natural foods aren't only about taste and health benefits; they actually sustain the environment in the long run. Dhaani-Foods believes in the power of nature and thus brings you Organic and Natural food products that are rich in nutrients and have no additives, genetically modified organisms (GMO), chemical pesticides, and herbicides.

Dhaani-foods.com is a portal for natural and eco-friendly products. The aim of this site is to be an online store where you can shop for eco-friendly, non-toxic & biodegradable products for your entire home and kitchen needs in the next few years on time. 

Dhaani-Foods is the online destination for healthy relationships with food. You can buy Organic and Natural and natural fresh fruits & vegetables, Health drinks & snacks, Health grains and cereals, Health spices & herbs, Health food products online at dhaani foods.com.

If you are someone who loves to lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle do reach out to us.

A warm welcome to all of you,

Anupama Padhi
Proud Indian & Mom
Founder, Dhaani-Foods
INSEED NGO Active Member
ProgramLeader, IronLady Corporate Leadership Training
Ex-President, IronLady Community - Mumbai Army